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Sales Executive

Hybrid Eco Sports Field Works LLC
Full - Time Job
Apply before 31 Dec 2020
Dubai UAE , United Arab Emirates

Marketing & Social Media Intern

Apply before 31 Dec 2020
Dubai , United Arab Emirates

"We connect talent with the right opportunity.

Our unique ecosystem connects students, universities and employers, giving students access
to worldwide opportunities"

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"I received weekly emails about different networking events happening on campus. These were really helpful for me as I was exploring my career interests."

Abdul Rahman

"I have been following CampusBees for over a year and was able to land internship in my chosen field with company of my choice. I highly recommend them to all my fellow students."

Susan Marshall

"CampusBees helped to make it easier for me to connect with employers around me. Unique tools offered by them made it easier for me to track my applications and land my dream internship."

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About Us

CampusBees is a unique early talent management platform that offers internships/placement, skills evaluation and development tools along with insight in campus events globally. The platform establishes a thriving connection between universities and students from diverse fields with companies looking for fresh talent. We offer seamless access to students to global opportunities and support in shaping their careers.

Opportunities are a precursor to growth. Students should not only be aware of opportunities, they should have access to these opportunities without having to search on various mediums like newspapers, job portals, company websites, college portals etc.. At CampusBees, we have created a well-integrated ecosystem that helps connect some of the best upcoming talent with prospective employers on one platform. Our aim at CampusBees is to match budding talent with the right organization.

Skill and knowledge go hand in hand to attain this goal. We at CampusBees offer some of the best skill evaluation technologies that help students assess their personal development needs and also help potential employers hire the right talent. These tools will give students a head start in their careers. If you are looking for a perfect start to your career, then CampusBees has the right employer waiting for you.

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